OptiClear Plasma Guard
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With the average plasma display costing around $10,000, you need the clearest, sharpest display for your investment. Each OptiClear Plasma Guard is engineered to the specific needs of our customers.

Common needs are for reducing glare and reflection from overhead lighting, protecting against UV radiation in outdoor environments, and improving screen contrast.

OptiClear has been the standard choice for enhancing computer displays since 1985. Allow us to engineer a solution for you. Indoor and outdoor plasma displays suddenly appear in true brilliance. UV light no longer threatens the sensitive technology. Ambient light is scattered. Glare and reflection can be reduced by over 99%.

Every plasma display glare and reflection filter improves the viewing experience. Different Environments call for unique solutions. Our technology offering today includes anti-glare and anti-reflection solutions for systems enclosures, shipboard instrumentation, conductive coated glass for touch screens, and anti-reflective glass for LCD and plasma displays. Get in touch with us and get in touch with experienced solutions for your plasma screens.

The Plasma Guard is available in tempered glass, the strongest glass material available. Tempered glass is high impact, and does not shatter dangerously like regular glass. Your plasma screen can be protected against loss and impact.

OptiClear Plasma Guard
Tempered glass ruggedizes screen to resist high impact.
Hydrophobic coating dispels liquids.
UV coating protects against damage from sunlight.
A/R coating cuts light interference and improves screen contrast.

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